Great Falls

About Great Falls

Great Falls is a national park located near the Northern Virginia area. Many locals visit the park to enjoy the scenic views and the numerous activities offered. For a five-dollar fee, the location offers visitors challenging hiking trails, and rock climbing and kayaking opportunities.

My Trip to Great Falls

I visited the park with a friend last month. We drove there in the afternoons and left after a three-hour hike. The hike increases in intensity the further in you go. With opinions to test your athletic and adventure-seeking side, many climbs and trails test the boundary between safety and fun. Notably, many visitors circumvent the 90-degree boulder climb situated in the middle of the trail. However, I couldn’t

The 90-Degree Climb

For obvious safety reasons, children and pets should not attempt the climb. Nevertheless, I have seen young children and dogs successful climb this boulder with the help adults who physically guided them up the rocks. The climb can look intimidating, but the edges and crevasses are reasonably stable, making hand and foot placement extremely simple. In addition, there are serval other unorthodox climbs at this park you can take to satisfy your edgier side.


I recommend the trip solely for the breathtaking views and challenging endeavors. The views are some of the best around if you don’t have three hours to drive down south of Virginia. Be aware of your limits as many people are injured at the national park each year. Overall, if correctly done, this is a great weekend activity for family and friends.


Sorry, I can’t post videos of the 90-degree rock climb, because I only have a personal account. Nevertheless, I hope you guys enjoy the photos.

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